Save the planet with these simple steps

April 22, 2020
Save the planet sign, climate change march

We have no planet B and our planet A is dying. According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) urgent change is needed, otherwise climate change will be irreversible by 2030. That gives us 10 years to change. Dozens of species are going extinct everyday and the time to save the planet is now!

I know what you may be thinking, one person can’t change much. But together, working as one team pushing for change, we can do a hell of a lot. Oh, and HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

Check out the YouTube version: 8 simple (and cheap) things you can do to save the planet!


Save the planet sign, climate change march


As consumers we have a lot of power and the best way to request for change is with our money. It’s the big companies that have the biggest impact on what happens to our planet. However, those big companies will only change if there’s a demand to. By choosing to purchase from companies who take steps to reduce their environmental impact, you are requesting for that change.

I’ve seen it myself while working for Primark. As the demand for eco-friendly products arose, the more they have released. They now source sustainable cotton, use recycled materials and more. That’s all because consumers have voted with their money and demanded for change. We can’t save the planet alone. But together, we are strong and powerful and we can change the world!


It’s since going vegan that I have noticed the power of setting an example. Most people do harmful things to the environment because they don’t know how harmful they are. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. As a result, by using your voice and leading by example, they will probably start to make more conscious decisions.

If you lead with knowledge and passion, you will inspire people to change. Educate yourself, then use your voice to educate those who are otherwise unaware and watch the people around you make positive changes. We are the first generation to know we are killing our planet and we may be the last to save it. In other words, the time to save the planet is now. Like right now!


Not only do you save thousands of animals’ life’s by converting to a plant based diet (not only the creatures you eat, but other animals that are affected too. Like dolphins, sharks and turtles that get caught and discarded by fishermen), but you’ll also stop contributing to around 15 – 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To put that in perspective, the global transport sector is responsible for 14%. We all know that we should walk more to help save the planet, but how many people are aware that swapping out that burger for a kinder, plant-based, one is more effective.

Let’s talk about methane for a second. The transportation sectors main pollutant is CO2, whereas livestock farming is largely responsible for producing methane, which is 23 times more potent when it comes to warming up our planet. If you don’t want to transition to a plant-based lifestyle, then just eat less meat. There’s so many amazing animal free recipes online (like my favourite vegan mac and cheese recipe). It also does your body wonders, but that’s a topic for another day.


Plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic bottles. Are you seeing a pattern here? Plastic bags, coffee cups, paper bags. For every single use item there is in the world, there is a reusable option that could so easily take it’s place. In case you didn’t already know, paper bags have a higher carbon footprint than plastic ones, so even though it can easily be recycled, the better option is to just grab yourself a reusable canvas one

There’s also plenty of non-single use item switches that you can make for options that are friendlier to the planet. Like plastic toothbrushes to electric or bamboo ones. Plastic handled razors for metal ones. Plastic straws for metal or bamboo ones. Metal or bamboo cutlery for the plastic versions. As you can see, you can swap most plastic items for a better alternative (metal and bamboo are most common). Avoid getting a reusable plastic bottle if you can, and instead buy a stainless steel or glass one. Even though a plastic reusable bottle is still better than the single use version, it’s still plastic and will need to be discarded of eventually, so just keep that in mind.


My latest household mission was to stop my family from buying big packs of water bottles every week. So, I bought a water filter. It saved hundreds of plastic water bottles from being used. They are still plastic but will last you a really long time, you just have to switch out the filters occasionally, but they aren’t all that expensive either and you can get them from any supermarket (the Sainsbury’s ones are really good for the price). Not only will it save on plastic going into land fill, whether you recycle them or not, but it will also get you to drink more water.


Fashion is another industry who’s effects are critical in the future of our planet. There are so many factors involved, if you want to read more about the environmental effects of the fashion industry, you can read this post telling you more.

But here’s one example. A garbage truck load of clothes are burned or thrown into landfill every second. SECOND. That’s enough to fill up the empire state building and a half every single day. Just take a moment to think about that. It can also take some items up to 80 years to break down in landfill. So if that’s how much is disposed of everyday, and that’s how long it takes to go, you see why we should be recycling and reusing clothes where we can.

So, by shopping second hand, as well as donating your old clothes rather than throwing them away, you will be helping to fight the battle against that monstrosity.


Fast fashion is a real problem. It’s one of the leading industries responsible for the emissions going into our atmosphere. The whole idea behind fast fashion is to release products for short lived trends, most of the time for an affordable price. Which means we buy a product because it’s ‘in fashion’, rather than because we just like it, then when trends change that item is no longer considered desirable. Meaning we often wear these things a few times then they never get worn again.

Now I know not everybody can afford slow and sustainable fashion, I can’t. But next time you see something you like in a shop, ask yourself one question. Do I really need it? No ifs no buts. If the answer is no, put it back. Another way to do this is to only shop when you know you want a specific item. You can only go out and get that solo item. You can’t go home with anything else.

But if you’re after an affordable sustainable fashion brand to love and support, then I’d be a pretty bad small business owner if I didn’t promote my t-shirts. You can check out my store here.


Madeleine Olivia is a great influencer to follow for minimalism tips. Our society tends to over-consume and that effects our planet. Minimalism is a journey I tend to venture on this year. In case you’re unsure of what it is, the whole principle around minimalism is to simplify your life but only having things that you need and actually love. It’s about taking a simple and clean approach to life and getting rid of the things that you don’t need, or bring you true joy. It’s ultimately the act of simplifying your life. No over-consuming.


Again, it’s all about not over-consuming. Eat up what you have before buying more. If you have leftovers either have them for your lunch the next day, or if you have left over ingredients look up recipes to incorporate them together. You’ll not only save money, but also lessen your impact on landfill sites. As a result of throwing food away, which goes into landfill, methane builds up and gets released, and like I said earlier, it’s 23 times more potent when it comes to warming up our planet.

☽ ✩ ☾

So there we have it! Every little bit that you can do ultimately helps in our battle to save the planet. Speak up, be wise with the companies you fund and only consume what you need to. What happens over this new decade will decide on the fate of our planet and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to explain to my child or grandchild that I was part of the reason for earths death sentence.

What have you already done to lessen your impact on mother earth? Do you have changes that you want to make this year? I’d love to hear what you have done or plan to do.

Like I said, my last big goal was to stop buying plastic bottles. My environmental aim for this year is to swap out kitchen foil and baking paper for reusable alternatives. I also plan on diving further into my minimalism journey.

If you want to start living a more compassionate lifestyle towards our planet, then follow me on all of my social media accounts and check out my posts about our mother here.

Together, we can save our planet and give future generations a good home.

A hui hou. Not goodbye, but see you later.

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