Mindset shifts to make during the pandemic to keep your mind calm

April 16, 2020
Girl walking, mindset shifts to make during pandemic

This is unknown territory for us all. You will probably hear me say this a lot over the next coming weeks because it’s one of the most important things to keep in mind! There is no right or wrong way to feel and that is ultimately one of the most important mindset shifts to begin with. During this time of social distancing, the most important person in our life’s to focus our attention on is ourselves, and making mindset shifts is the base of self care and self compassion. So without further ado, let’s get into the 7 mindset shifts to make during the pandemic.


Girl walking, mindset shifts to make during pandemic

One day down, one day closer to things going back to normal

As I can’t see my boyfriend until the lock down is over, and regulations begin to relax, I came up with this. Rather than thinking ‘eh another day of isolation, another day I won’t see my boyfriend’ I think ‘Well done. You’ve gotten through another day and you’re one day closer to seeing your boyfriend and for things to go back to normal’.

The situation hasn’t changed, you’re still in the exact same predicament. But rather than having a negative mindset towards it, shift your perception and shine it in a positive light. Our mindset is so important and the sooner we realise that and tap into that energy, the happier and calmer we will be.


It’s only temporary

I know, it feels like a lifetime ago that the c word didn’t exist, and I’m not talking about the four lettered one. With no clear idea on how long this situation with last for, it can feel like it’s going to last forever. But it’s not. This time next year we’ll be looking back and be so grateful for our current life. The lock down will end, super markets will return to normal and we’ll finally be able to buy hand sanitiser and pasta whenever we like.

Nothing in life is permanent. So anytime you start to feel down about being in isolation and lock down, remind yourself that it’s only temporary and will soon be a past memory in the history book of our life. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back and wondering where the time went.

Say it to yourself now – IT’S ONLY TEMPORARY!

Focus your thoughts on what you’re grateful for

Practising gratitude is a habit we should build in our everyday life, not just during this pandemic. But it’s more important now than ever. During this time, getting out of a negative mindset is going to be a challenge. This is unknown territory for us all, no matter how old you are. We have never lived through a life experience like this. Each day we could wake up in a completely different mood and have no reason for it, and it’s completely fine! Life is challenging at the moment and I promise you that you are doing great.

The best mindset change that I have made during this time is to think more about what I’m grateful for every time I feel my mind being pulled towards the negative. What are you grateful for during this time of uncertainty? There are people that have lost loved ones or have lost jobs, so if you’re not one of those people then you are doing okay. Although, with that being said don’t ever beat yourself up for feeling sad because others may have it worse, you have every right to feel however you feel.


Challenge the negative with a positive

The more you have practised mindfulness, the easier this will be for you. But if you aren’t even really sure what mindfulness is, this mindset shift will still help you, it may just take you a little while longer to notice your negative thoughts. But don’t fret, I promise it will get easier with practise and persistence.

No matter when you notice your brain throwing out negative thoughts, challenge it with something positive. Even if your mind continues to throw out all different negative opinions and you only have one positive, challenge each negative with that same positive. From my personal experience, you will get tired of fighting with yourself and the negatives will soon go. I know, it sounds simple. So simple that you may think that it won’t really work, but it does.

I’ll give you an example of a conversation that I have had inside my head multiple times during this pandemic.

N: “I feel trapped.”
P: “It will be over soon”
N: “I hate that I can’t see my friends.”
P: “Look at how much time we have to do whatever we want.”
N: “Who cares when I can’t even leave the house.”
P: “I could spend a week just watching everything on Disney+. How great is that.”
N: “I can’t be bothered to argue.”

Pair that with something fun to do and I’m normally good to go. Obviously some days will be better than others and you won’t feel down every single day. So these mindset shifts are to fix those days that you wake up feeling low.


Focus on how you can make today better than yesterday – make the present better than the past

This will look different on everybody; depending on who you are, the day and your situation. It could mean getting up and exercising, cooking yourself something healthy, working on your goals, stepping outside for fresh air, picking up a book or just simply getting out of bed and changed out of your PJ’s. Focus your attention on making every new day better than the last and you will find yourself feeling less overwhelmed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not productive, or even happy, every day

This is one of the main mindset shifts that helped me get through the first week without having a single bad day. Obviously I’ve had a few bad days since. After all, I think it would be non-human like to not have a single bad day. But I would say that this mindset shift is one of the most important for getting through this pandemic. Your top priority every day should be to just do your best. Don’t force yourself to try and be productive and happy every single day, because that just isn’t possible. Let go of that idea that every day will be great or that you should be ‘smashing it’ every single day, even if you’re enjoying being in isolation. This is unknown territory for us all and it’s not normal to feel any type of way. Just be kind to yourself and accept that each day will be different.

Focus on the things that you can control

You have control over yourself ONLY. Stop thinking about not being able to control this pandemic or other people, and focus your sights on the things that you can control, like yourself. You don’t have control over how you feel when you wake up, and I don’t believe that you have 100% control over what emotions bubble up to the surface all of the time, but the actions you take after you notice those emotions are what you have control over.

Say you wake up feeling agitated and negative, you can either continue to feed and cave into those emotions. Moping around all day and getting irritated as tiny things go wrong (which wouldn’t bother you if you weren’t in a mood) and YES you can control those things, even if you feel like you can’t. It’s all about your mindset and habits. If you always throw a pity party for yourself when you feel sad (I’ve been there and bought the whole store so don’t worry if it relates to you), then it’s going to feel as if you can’t control it, but you can! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy but you do have control. Or you can go easy on yourself and focus on the good. You don’t have to force yourself to be productive as that will most likely make it worse. But you can give yourself permission to take it easy and give your mind, body and soul what it needs to get through the day. Play some games, talk to friends, read a book, you can even mope around but if you’re doing it with a light heart and compassion towards yourself then that is what makes all the difference.

☽ ✩ ☾


☽ ✩ ☾

I cannot stress enough how important mindset shifts like these are for getting through this pandemic. We ultimately only have ourselves right now, so focusing on ways to improve our mindset is critical right now! Give all of these mindset shifts a try and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed by the results!

If there are any mindset shifts that you’ve made to help you get through this pandemic, please share them with us all in the comments below. I hope you’re all staying inside as much as you can and are taking care of yourself. In a time where the outside world seems shut off to us, it’s important to shut ourselves off from the world. Call your friends and family and chat with people online, we’re all in this together.

A hui hou guys, not goodbye but see you later.

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