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All products mentioned on my blog, regardless of whether it’s sponsored or not, are products that I love using – unless stated otherwise. All products I mention will only ever be vegan and cruelty free, to my knowledge. All views/opinions will always be my own, and honest. I am happy to accept sponsored posts which fit with PearlOfTheSea’s morals. Meaning that I will only accept products which are vegan and cruelty free. Sponsored posts will be fully disclosed in the post. If you wish to get in contact with me about doing a sponsored post for you on my blog, then please get in contact with me through the e-mail address stated at the top of this page.

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Any posts which include PR products or gifted items will be clearly stated in the post or the products will be marked with an asterisk (*). All views/opinions of the gifted products will always be my own and honest. I reserve the right not to review a gifted product if, after trying it I don’t feel like it is the right fit. I only accept and write about, knowingly, products which are vegan and cruelty free. If it is not vegan AND cruelty free, I will not accept. If you wish to send me something then please contact me through the e-mail address stated at the beginning of this page.

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Please assume that every link on https://pearlofthesea.co.uk is an affiliate link. If you click and buy something through that link, I could receive a small percentage, but at no additional cost to you. If there is an asterisk (*) beside a link, that could also mean that link is an affiliate link.

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My mission here on PearlOfTheSea is to help you on your journey towards a more compassionate life towards yourself, the planet and animals that we share it with; through personal growth, veganism and eco-friendly living tips and advice. Earning a commission on the products that I recommend helps me to carry on doing so.


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Other disclaimers

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Here on PearlOfTheSea I may give advice on an array of topics (some examples being: health and fitness, financial, mental health or general wellbeing). Across all topics that I give advice in, please note that the advice I give is from what I have learnt through my own personal life experiences. I am not a professional in any of the topics that I give advice in, and it should not be taken that way. You are solely responsible if you decide to act on the non-professional that I may give throughout this site. I am not liable for anything that may happen to you by taking this advice. I suggest to always seek help from a professional where you see fit.


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